1 in 10 Americans have some form of hearing loss About 10% of Americans have some level of hearing loss. In total, about 30 million men, women, and children are affected. An untreated hearing loss, even a minor one, makes it harder to stay connected to what’s going on around you. It can also leave you more fatigued at the end of your day, because you are using extra effort to understand while you’re missing pieces of the conversation.
Patient Testimonials and Videos ...adjustment to the aids has been seamless, greatly adding to her enjoyment and quality of life. I attribute much of her success to the calm reassuring manner of the audiologist.
Trust your hearing to the professional While your Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor will treat medical problems of the ear, the audiologist is the professional who is most qualified to test your hearing ability and help you to take the needed steps to improve your ease of communication.
Get the most from your life Why struggle with hearing difficulty, when there are advanced solutions available? You may be surprised to learn that today’s technology squeezes the brains of a computer into an area smaller than a dime.Our licensed and certified audiologist, Steven J. Cuddy, M.S., CCC-A, shares his expertise and experience with you. He can provide a full hearing evaluation and show you ways in which you can enhance your communication with those around you.
New technologies with old-fashioned values We pride ourselves on offering the finest audiological services and digital hearing aids at competitive prices. We value each customer,and remember a time before cell phones, computers, and automated phone answering, when people seemed to be more important and customer service was more than a buzzword. We regard each patient as important and consistently act in a way that is worthy of their respect. We know that our practice grows one satisfied patient at a time.
Don't settle for old technology!
We take away the worries and we keep it affordable For you to really enjoy wonderful improvements in how you hear, your audiologist must be skilled in finding the right solution for your unique hearing challenges and know how to fine-tune everything for the best possible results. Fine-tuning and verifying your fitting is an essential to getting the full value from your hearing technology. These practices can really make the difference between a very successful fitting and a mediocre or poor fitting. Whatever your needs and budget, we strive to give you the best results with great customer service at competitive prices.
Taking the next step is easy Although it is not pleasant to think we might need a little boost to communicate better, being more connected with those you care about is something that for most of us has great value. We encourage you to take the next step towards improving communications with those you care about. We can provide a full audiological evaluation and answer all your questions in about an hour. Our services are reasonably priced and Medical Insurance and Medicare will often cover the cost of testing. A hearing screening is also available.
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