Bigger is not always better It wasn’t too long ago that if you wanted to hear better, your only choice was a big, noticeable unit behind your ear with a big tube going into your ear or a large, beige, molded-plastic device, which plugged up a large part of your ear. Fortunately, computer technology has created amazing devices that couldn’t have even been imagined a short time ago. Today’s devices are surprisingly small, even when compared with the devices from as little as a few years ago. Big tubing has largely been replaced by thin clear wire or thin clear tubing and units are half the size (or less) than they used to be. There are also very tiny units which fit deep in the ear, so they cannot be seen.
Aid Don't settle for old technology
Dennis: A patient at our clinic for almost six years. He recently upgraded to the Siemen’s Insio, which are deep fit CIC (completely in the canal hearing devices). Since they are very difficult to see when worn, this aid is also called an “invisible hearing aid”. See how his aids look and hear Dennis talk about his experience with hearing aids and how the technology has improved since he was first fit with hearing aids almost six years ago.
Jerry: Hearing impaired for 30 years, we recently fit him with Siemens Primax, RIC (Receiver in the Canal) hearing devices. Jerry shows the devices and tells how these devices have transformed social times with family and friends. He also shares how he is now enjoying a greater level of communication and enjoyment of sound.
The only whistling you’ll be hearing is from the birds Old problems such as whistling and loudness issues have largely been eliminated thanks to the digital sound processing in each digital device. Depending on your hearing profile, many devices will work without custom-molded earpieces-they can be programmed and used immediately.
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Never too loud Today’s computerized devices monitor the sounds around you continuously. If a loud sound is detected, the device will be turned down quickly and automatically.
Computer adjusted for your unique hearing profile and lifestyle The audiologist uses a computer connected to your digital devices, to precisely adjust them according to your individual needs. Adjustments are based on the results of your hearing test and also on lifestyle and activities. It is truly an exciting time to try out this technology and discover more of the world of sound around you.
Try without risk Healthy Hearing for Life always offers our patients a full-month trial to experience any of our digital technology with 100% refund and exchange privileges. Just return the devices on time and in good condition.