Steve has been great. He helped me get several extra years out of my old hearing aids that he didn't even sell me (and were made by a manufacturer that was no longer in business). When nothing more could be done with them he worked with me to find the perfect pair.

He took a lot of time working with me, allowed me to try several different models and really worked to make sure that I could get the best devices for my budget. I have had this pair for almost 2 years and Steve's post sale support and follow up have been just as outstanding as they were before I bought them.

I have been wearing hearing aids for the last 20 years and Healthy Hearing for Life is the best practice that I have worked with.

Mike R. Fort Mill, SC

Dennis: A patient at our clinic for almost six years. He recently upgraded to the Siemen’s Insio, which are deep fit CIC (completely in the canal hearing devices). Since they are very difficult to see when worn, this aid is also called an “invisible hearing aid”. See how his aids look and hear Dennis talk about his experience with hearing aids and how the technology has improved since he was first fit with hearing aids almost six years ago.
Jerry: Hearing impaired for 30 years, we recently fit him with Siemens Primax, RIC (Receiver in the Canal) hearing devices. Jerry shows the devices and tells how these devices have transformed social times with family and friends. He also shares how he is now enjoying a greater level of communication and enjoyment of sound.

My experience with Steven Cuddy at Healthy Hearing for Life has been extremely positive. Steve is dependable and does what he says he will do. Wait time when you see Steve is very minimal. He is very courteous and always seems interested in his customers. His attention to detail is great and if he doesn’t have an answer to your problem, he will find out quickly.

Steve thoroughly explained how to use the hearing aids and continually worked with me to assure maximum benefit to me. He answered all my questions and relieved all my fears.

I would without a doubt recommend Steve and Healthy Hearing for Life to anyone who needs or think they need hearing assistance.

T. P. Fort Mill, SC

For some time now, my husband and children have been telling me my hearing needs to improve. I was prescribed hearing aids by a multi-branch practice, which were not only uncomfortable but did not improve my hearing.

I was referred to Healthy Hearing for Life and was impressed by Steve Cuddy’s professionalism and ability to provide me with a pair of hearing aids that were not only comfortable but actually made me hear much clearer. My family is also very grateful!

I would recommend his firm to any and all who need assistance in hearing.

C.S. Rock Hill, SC

I have been hearing impaired for over 30 years. My previous experiences with hearing aids and audiologists did little to convince me of their value & necessity.

Becoming a patient at Healthy Hearing for Life has changed my life!! I would recommend that anyone in need of help with hearing loss to see Steve Cuddy. He takes the time to explain everything.

My hearing aids allow me to hear much better in noisy situations and most importantly at work. The technology is incredible, and the results immeasurable. Experiencing the power and design of modern hearing solutions can be a wonderful surprise.

It has been worth every mile and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

Healthy Hearing for Life is a very caring business. There is a genuine concern for the patient.

M. M., Registered Nurse, Charlotte, NC

Steven J. Cuddy…is very professional, friendly and easy to work with. From the audiology screening to the purchase and servicing of my hearing aids, I have been pleased with my choice of Healthy Hearing for Life…Steve carefully explained my choices and the pros and cons of each for my specific hearing problem, and then worked with his vendors to get the best possible…price on my hearing aids. The choice we made has been excellent in meeting my needs. Steve always makes himself available to solve a problem or make an adjustment to my hearing aids when needed.

I proudly recommend Steven J. Cuddy and Healthy Hearing for Life to anyone who needs assistance with his/her hearing problems.

J.R. Fort Mill, SC

Hi, this is Lucy, my mom. Lucy met Steve Cuddy, audiologist… at a YMCA wellness event. The screening was painless and thorough, and it confirmed the hearing loss that she had experienced for some time. However, Lucy was very skeptical about hearing aids… and therefore she was very resistant to giving them a try. Steve was exceptionally kind and patient, carefully explaining the process without pressure, … allowing Lucy to make her own decision, in her own time.

… during a rare visit from her sister, Lucy realized that she was missing out on much of the conversation during their precious time together. Lucy was ready to give the aids a try, reassured that if she wasn’t happy to comfortable after the first month, there would be a full refund with nothing to lose. Much to her surprise, Lucy would be the first to tell you that her adjustment to the aids has been seamless, greatly adding to her enjoyment and quality of life. I attribute much of her success to the calm, reassuring manner of the audiologist, which allowed time for trust to build and to Lucy’s indomitable spirit which, at least 88, gives her a zest for life that is admirable.

J.H. (daughter of patient)

I am very pleased with my experience… Mr. Steve Cuddy has been thorough in his evaluation of my hearing loss and very professional in solving my problem.

B.W. (retired)

I have used hearing aids (both ears) for 15 years… My current aids are manufactured by Phonak, a Swiss company, and are far superior to any I have previously used. Mine we fitted and serviced by Steve Cuddy at Healthy Hearing for Life in Fort Mill, SC. Steve is very professional and has given me exceptional service… I highly recommend Healthy Hearing for Life and Steve Cuddy for anyone who has a hearing loss.

E.H. (real estate property manager)

Steve Cuddy is a professional; he knows the product he offers, in this case hearing aids. He is kind, considerate and helpful to patients who have a problem, innovative in every aspect in resolving the problem.

S.C. (retired writer)

As my hearing worsened, I was no longer able to go out to restaurants or any place which I was required to talk to a staff member. I had given up hope. Steve gave me tests and explained in detail the nature of my problem and then presented several models and told me the pros and cons of each. We selected the best aid for me and I have been wearing them ever since. This has changed my life completely. I am now able to converse with others in almost any environment. It’s really great to travel and go out again. Steve is a true professional.

M. H. (retired college professor)
Healthy Hearing For Life - Fort Mill, SC
*Although these testimonials are all from actual Healthy Hearing for Life patients, not every patient felt bold enough to have their photo placed here. So some of these pics are of people who didn't mind getting their picture taken.